Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mikaela is 16 Weeks Old!

This week Mikaela turned 16 weeks old. She's been fighting a cold all week and had a stuffy nose and watery eyes, so her eyes are pretty red. She was getting ready for bed when I took these pictures. She's wearing a gown her Great Grandpa Joe got for her.
Mikaela 042
She loves her tummy time and her neck is getting so strong!
Mikaela 043
She can sit up unassisted for a bit, but topples over after a while, so she loves her boppy pillow.
Mikaela 060
She's really getting more expressions now. We had breakfast with our friend Rich and Grandma Leslie.
Mikaela 070
She was loving playing with Grandma Leslie.
Mikaela 090
And she's really in to her new bouncy. She can make the toys on the front move now.
Mikaela 097


Jennifer said...

Great smiles and expressions! Hope she is feeling better soon.

Jennifer said...
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