Thursday, May 05, 2011

Mikaela's New Car Seat Cover and Boppy Pillow Covers

Mikaela got a more girly cover for her carseat, when I made this one up for her. It turned out really well and she really likes it. It's getting close to the time she won't need it much anymore, but we're going to get as much use as we can out of it. I realized I put the zipper in a little to far up and it rubs her face, so I have to fix it. It was really hard to find ribbing. I also made the cover bigger so it covers better.
Quilt 002
I also made her a minkee boppy pillow cover from some minkee my mom made pillowcases out of it. We both love this one for nursing since it's so comfy and warm.
Quilt 005
I had enough fleece left over from the car seat cover to make her another boppy pillow cover. She likes this one too. I tweaked the pattern a bit, so these both fit a lot better than previous ones I had made.
Quilt 006

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