Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Mikaela is 18 Weeks Old!

Mikaela turned 18 weeks old today. Boy does the time just fly by! She's starting to set up on her own, with a bit of assistance and loves to make different facial expressions. Her outfit tonight was one her Grandma Leslie bought for her. It says Grandma's Girl and is hot pink with a black skirt and pink MaryJane shoe socks.
Mikaela 220
She's not quite sure about this picture thing.
Mikaela 229

That's the smile I love! Even if I can't get my hands out of the picture quick enough.
Mikaela 234
We even tried on her KC Chiefs bib. It's the only baby Chiefs thing I could find to buy for our little girl. Her daddy is a big fan, but we live too far from KC to find anything KC related here. We're thinking of taking family pictures in KC t-shirts.
I swear she has my mom's smile/expression in this picture.
Mikaela 250

She was quite the poser! We took the KC pictures outside even though it was cool. She was much happier outside tonight! It was a beautiful evening. It quit raining and the sun even peaked out for a little bit!
Mikaela 263 - Copy

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