Thursday, May 19, 2011

Darlene's 2nd Hannah Montana Quilt

I finished up Darlene's 2nd Hannah Montana quilt on Wednesday night.  This one went even quicker than the first one, since I had a feel for the flowers.
Quilt 032
She gave me free rein in the quilting, so I did loops and flowers on this one. They are both going to little girls and I believe they are sisters, so I wanted them similar, but different.
Quilt 035
The flowers kept getting better and better the more I did them. I found them to be easier with the loops.
Quilt 036
I used a raspberry verigated King Tut thread.
Quilt 037
The backing is a light purple. It shows the quilting a lot better and she pieced the backing on this one too.
Quilt 041

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