Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Quilts of Valor Sample

I'm working on a new sample for the shop and it's definately different than most of the samples I work on. This one is from the Quilts of Valor line by Faye Burgos. This is the panel which I've already cut and squared up.
Quilt 067
I'm now in the process of making these star blocks. I need to make 8 and somehow they are taking me way longer than I expected. The first mistake was sewing the flying geese unit's 1/4" too big, so they had no seam allowance. Luckly I only did these 4 to test the block before I made all 32, so I fixed the problem easily. They also call for pressing the seams open which I'm not used to doing. The other big change for me was to put on my quarter inch foot. For those who know me well, I tend to sew almost everything with a walking foot. But I do have exceptions to the rule and anything on the bias is an exception. So block 1 is done and I'm on the 1I plan... she sewed 9 blocks in 11 days. I've finished one block in 4 days so far and I've sewn every night this week! I finally got all the flying geese units done tonight and I finished sewing the rows together. Now I just have to add the 3rd row to all 7 blocks. They are even pinned! I just had to quit for the night though, so maybe in 5 days I'll get 8 blocks done, but don't hold your breath.
Quilt 069
After these blocks are done, it's just a matter of cutting this strip into border pieces and putting the top together. I think it's taking me longer because I'm actually following the pattern to a T and I drew the line on all the flying geese, whereas if it were for me, I'd have winged it and just sewn from corner to corner.
Quilt 073
So with any luck, I'll finish this top this weekend and have time to make some fun projects. I'd like to do a little pair of boots and another stitchin chix bag and quilt a baby quilt for my cousin, but we'll see.

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