Thursday, April 21, 2011

Mikaela is 3 months old!

Mikaela turned 3 months old on April 19th and boy is she growing! This past weekend I took her 3 month pictures. The first few are in her baptismal gown. She was only a week old when we had her baptized, hoping my mom could be there, but she was in the hospital. Knowing she wouldn't get well enough to be there in the future, we went ahead with the baptism since my dad, Paul's mom, and all my siblings and their families were there. So I decided to try the dress on her since it's so amazing and take her pictures now that it fits better. It was crocheted by my Aunt Jane. She's laying on a pink minkee blanket I made for her.
Mikaela 062

She definately has fists and shows them off a lot!
Mikaela 073
She's on an afghan knit by my mom's cousin Wayne's wife Linda. It's a beautiful dark pink and so cuddly!
Mikaela 074
I picked up this I Love my Aunt shirt on clearance. They just don't have any I love my Uncle shirts. I finally found an I Love Grandpa onesie, but it's a bit big on her.  I thought this one was super cute and she has an aunt and many great aunts that love her to pieces.
Mikaela 093
In this picture she's holding the bear that Patti and Regina got her. The afghan was made by my Aunt Jane and has the most beautiful hearts.
Mikaela 106
I decided to try out the basket pose. She actually did pretty good for as young as she is. The blanket was given to her by a few co-workers. She actually has 2 of this blanket. I love the hearts on it! It's a soft minkee that cuddles well.
Mikaela 110
Here she is, with her attempted smile/coo face. She's holding the stuffed frog she got from cousin Molly. She's wearing the cutest hearts onesie from Patti and 1I and laying on a fleece blanket from Jacey.
Mikaela 130
Here she's holding a rabbit called Munchkin given to her by friends Julie and Emily. It's so soft and easy to hold. This was at the end of the photo session and her eyes were red from crying. She was saying "Mommy I'm DONE!"
Mikaela 134
I just love to look back at her newborn pictures and see how much she's grown in just a few short months. There are more in the photo album. I only took 140, but I didn't upload them all!


Colleen said...

Such a cutie and so photogenic!

Jodi-JoJoMia's Place said...

Wow, how time flies. She looks so precious in her baptism gown and hat. I love how you are documenting her growth, you will really enjoy that when she is older.