Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! It was a beautiful weekend and we were busy! Mikaela and I spent Friday at home cleaning house, doing laundry, and sewing. My little bro Ed helped Paul replace the shocks on his pickup and checked the brakes. We went out to supper at Red Lobster for Good Friday.
Saturday I fed Mikaela about 5:30 am, put her back to sleep, and then just got up and went and sewed until the rest of the family got up and moving. I got 3 hours of sewing time in! I was able to get another border set on the Quilts of Valor sample. I now "only" have 2 borders left. Since they are all simple pieced borders, it takes quite a while. I'm not a big border person, so it's taking me a while. We did our errands for most of Sat. Paul's grandpa and his wife came out Sat. night. We were able to take some 4 generation pictures with Mikaela.
Grandma Leslie and Mikaela
Mikaela 223
Great Grandpa Joe, Mikaela, and Paul
Mikaela 202 - Copy
Great Grandpa Joe, Grandma Leslie, Daddy Paul, and Mikaela
Mikaela 215
Great Grandpa Joe and Mikaela
Mikaela 194
Great Grandpa Joe, Mikaela, and Eva
Mikaela 192
Our family before Easter Mass, Daddy, Mommy, and Mikaela
Mikaela 234
Uncle Tom, Aunt Jane, and Joe & Eva came out for Easter dinner.
Great Uncle Tom and Mikaela
Mikaela 237
Great Aunt Jane & Mikaela
Mikaela 241
Great Aunt Jane brought Mikaela a sun dress for Easter. She said she hasn't gotten to baby sit enough to smuggle new clothes into Mikaela's diaper bag.

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vtquilter said...

She is growing up so fast! Enjoy all those little moments with her. She sounds like a great sleeper and lets you get some sewing time in.
Very cute bag. I need to put the one I just got towards the top of the list so I can have a new one for the kids things.