Sunday, April 17, 2011

Birthday Boys

I usually don't give my siblings and their wife/girlfriend gifts for their birthdays, but this year is different. With all of my mom's fabric, I saved fabrics that I thought I'd use for making my family members something from mom's stash. Jim's birthday was April 9th and since it was his 30th, his wife had a birthday party for him. I made him two pillowcases. The first is mechanic tools which mom had gotten on the shop hop last year to make him a pillowcase.
Quilt 016
The second is an Case IH one. It's vintage, 1998 on the selvage. It's pretty thin fabric, but I was using it for backing and had enough left over for a pillowcase. He liked both of them.
Quilt 017
I was so excited to see the quilt Patti had made and Jen had quilted for him. They put so much love into this quilt and my bro/SIL had it in the living room to snuggle with. Thanks girls for thinking of my whole family! We love our quilts. I forgot to take a picture of Ed's, but I'll do that the next time I'm home.
Quilt 022
Quilt 024
Paul's birthday was March 30th and I was a bit late, but I made these two Santa Coke pillowcases. He thought the fabric was cool when we were going through it, so I saved it for him.
Quilt 030
Then last weekend when we went to my dad's for the weekend, we were trying to conserve space, so I let him borrow on of my stitchin chix bags. He thought it was great, but didn't care for the quilt fabric, so I made him his own on Sat. night. It's made from the motorcycle chicks fabric my mom had gotten to make him something. I didn't know what to do with it, but this turned out to be the perfect use for it. I have enough left to make him a bathroom bag to go with it too.
Quilt 063

Quilt 065

It's been so fun and rewarding and relaxing to sew up my mom's fabric. I just love the sense of accomplishment it gives me.


Jen said...

I just love everything about this post. =)

Cindy said...

Great job everything looks wonderful.