Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Mikaela is 14 Weeks Old!

Mikaela turned 14 weeks old this week. She was hanging out on the couch with me while I was doing dishes tonight. I figured I'd get a few pictures of her on my pillowcase/sewing themed quilt that I made to use in the hospital when she was born. This is the pillowcase, a purple swirl. I absolutely love this fabric! I saved it for a long time until I decided to use it for the backing of this quilt. I bought the rest of the bolt in Martin about 2 years ago and had about 4.5 yards of it. The pillowcase is made of the leftovers.
Mikaela 242
Mikaela was fairly happy tonight. We went shopping with daddy and she got a nap in before her bath and bedtime.

Mikaela 246

Mikaela 253

She's getting really good about sitting up and staying put. This is the quilt I made to take to the hospital when Mikaela was born. It kept me so warm!
Mikaela 254
Mikaela was done, she turned over and said "Bye Mommy, I'm done taking pictures!"
Mikaela 263


Cindy said...

She is getting so big and is getting cuter with every picture you take of her.

Barb said...

What a little doll. I know you must be thrilled. Enjoy every minute. They grow up so fast!

Jacque said...

I love how you "treasure the moment!"

Jenn Boerger said...

Oh, she is getting so big! Beautiful pictures!