Friday, July 25, 2008

Yellow Brick Road/ Between Friends Jr.

After making YBR quilts for my two bridesmaids, I decided I wanted one for myself. Paul thought we needed a new quilt for the queen size bed, so I stared collecting purple fat quarters to make the YBR quilt for our bed. I ended up having a lot, so I decided to make a twin YBR throw for the couch. This is the one I made start to finish of the top. I didn't know if I wanted borders, so haven't added those yet. I got it done and was going to piece the back with some less than attractive purples I had in my stash. I have a LOT of purple in my stash! So I took out the pieces and decided I needed a plan...
July Quilts 058

Here's the planning taking shape. I found the Between Friends Jr. pattern in the Happy Hour book by Atkinson designs. It's way simple and makes 9 1/2" blocks, like the YBR. So here is what I got done this weekend through last night. I cut all the pieces Sat. night, sewed all the blocks on Sunday and got them layed out. Last nigh I sewed them into rows at sewing night and was ready to sew the rows together, but ran out of time. I always lay out my quilt blocks, then stack column 1 and 2 right sides together, then column 3,4,5 in piles, and just keep adding to the rows until they are done. As you can see the rows are sew, not I just need to press and sew the rows together. This will be the back of the YBR quilt.
July Quilts 057
I think I've decided to add borders to both sides so I can even them up when I'm done. I think this will make a really cool quilt and I can use a King Tut verigated that will look great on both sides. This will be my next quilting project on my frame.
I still have 42 purple fat quarters waiting in the wings to become a Picture This quilt from the Happy Hour book. That will be a queen size for our bed.

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Jennifer said...

The quilt looks great. I love that Happy Hour book!