Tuesday, July 29, 2008

YBR/BFJR Reversible Quilt DONE!

Last night in an attempt to stay competitive I worked long and hard hours! I got off work at 4:45pm and my MIL picked me up. I hand sewed binding all the way home, including while she was getting her haircut. Hubby had supper ready so I ate a quick bite while I was finishing the binding. It's not quite done, but very close. Then I went straight down to the Dungeon as hubby calls it, and started quilting more on this quilt. These are pictures of the top:
July Quilts 011
As I was getting to the end of each row my eyes would start to itch and I couldn't figure out why. It was only at the end of each row... I finally realized I wasn't blinking at all while I was watching the needle, so by the end of the row my contacts were drying out and they were itching. I had to really concentrate to blink!
July Quilts 012
As I got closer to the end it got a bit more tricky and my paths became smaller. I think I got it matched up pretty darn closely, considering it was my first time trying to match the top and backing together. This is the back:
July Quilts 009
July Quilts 010
I used the fabric that is the center strip of all the blocks on the back and is randomly on the front, as the binding fabric since both borders were light colored. I tried to take a picture of this below, but the lighting wasn't right. It turned out really well and with a few days of hand sewing the binding down, it will be officially done! Paul put the AC in night before last and I about froze to death, so last night I took the quilt to bed with me and I was warm all night. Tonight I plan to work on my super secret project and hopefully I'll accomplish a lot! I was up until after midnight last night.
July Quilts 015


Kristie said...

I LOVE IT! I really like how you made it reversible!!! Such a wonderful idea, almost like two quilts!

Cindy (aka Peony the House Elf) said...

It's turning out really great. I've thought about a two sided quilt just chicken to try one.

Michelle said...

I love your reversible quilt. It looks great, and the quilting looks great. Good job! Have fun with your new quilter!