Friday, July 18, 2008

Sew & Sews

Last night was sew and sews group. It was all about making garments and had a fashion show with the little girls of the employee's. They were way cute. Then they showed how to use the hemmer foot. Have any of used this foot. It looks way cool and they used a video camera and tv to show it bigger so everyone could see. I got some handsewing done on the binding of the tablerunner and they were all giving me a bad time about trying to get hours in. They just don't know how much Jen and Jill are sewing! They were amazed at the amount of hours we had already put in for the month and it's only half over. I've been spending the morning before work, breaks when it's raining, and lunch hour to sew... so slowly I'm catching up. I plan to put some good quality time in this weekend. I need to actually make something!


Michelle said...

Go Moneik, GO!!!!

Jen said...

BY Hemmer foot do you mean rolled hem? Or something different? Yeah, I'd like you to get more in line with hour hours to make it a knock down drag out competition. I really thought it would be you I'd be fighting with instead of Jill!!

vtquilter said...

Go Moneik Go!!!