Sunday, July 06, 2008

Trying to catch up!

Well it's been a busy weekend. Yesterday morning I got up early and went to Strip Club. Lots of people there and several new products to see. It was Christmas in July, so we got to see the girls projects too.
Paul and Leslie picked me up from there and we went to Heritage Festival an arts and crafts thing in the park. It was really bad and it took 10 min to walk through the whole thing. We went to Wal-mart and I was going to get some clothesline... They were out and they didn't have several things we wanted. I was so frustrated! So we ended up going to Spearfish to their Wal-mart and getting the things we needed. They didn't have any clothesline either! We stopped at the Mercantile and I found some new jeans. We came home and stopped at Lowe's and picked up clothesline...finally! Then we picked up my pickup and came home. We put groceries away and I started sewing! I had to put in some big hours to get caught up.
I started with my dad's Father's Day gift. It's a silouette of a deer and is really cool. I had it all on, but needed to FMQ it and with the wedding, he just got to see the top. So I quilted the deer, around it, and the borders. I had a lot of trouble with skipped stitches and I changed needles often, but I think it was the spray baste I used. I'm not sure, but it's not the normal stuff I use, so I think it could have been that. I got the binding on and it can be hand sewn down, so I'll do that at work on Monday, so I have something for lunch. I gotta put some hours in this week! And I won't see my dad till next weekend, so I can for sure have it done by then.
July Quilts 006
Then I finished three bag bottoms for Miranda bags I had made. I am having trouble with Webshots and the new laptop/camera not wanting to work together, so I'll have to try and upload pictures later.
July Quilts 003July Quilts 009July Quilts 010
It was getting late... 10PM so I started working on a Lazy Girls Runaround Bag. I had some extra fabric from a Miranda, so I tried the pattern out and it worked great, so I was happy that I got one done in an hour or so I thought, so I made another...
July Quilts 005 July Quilts 002
In less than an hour I was able to make a pink/cream one for myself. I think I'll make one for my mom today. They are so super easy and cute. It was almost midnight and not wanting to wake anyone I decided to quit using my sewing machine. I finished pressing and straightening my fat quarters for the YBR quilts I plan to make this week. 50+ fat quarters are ready and waiting to be cut! Then I cut out a bag I had gotten the pattern for on our honeymoon. Then I cut out a log cabin cross wall hanging kit I had. I have been working on it for over an hour and it's starting to come together this morning. Paul made waffles on our new George Foreman and I've been sewing. He's asleep now, so lots of sewing time for me. He has plans for cooking dinner too... so no cooking for me and lots of time to sew. 7 hours yesterday... 1 hour today... 21 hours total at time of post!


Michelle said...

Go Moneik!

Kristie said...

Sounds like you have had a busy time! Don't worry, we know that you can't sit there and sew 24/7! I know sometimes we would like to, but it just doesn't happen that way! You are doing great! Can't wait to see your photos!