Thursday, July 17, 2008


My mom is a lifesaver! She came out last night and helped me finish putting the carriage together and make the leaders. When I got home Paul and I fixed supper and then worked on the final shelving part, put the rollers on, and started making the carriage. We had supper and then mom helped me with the bottom part of the carriage and leveling out the frame. We couldn't get the bottom part to roll straight, it was as though it was warped. I finally untightened the screws and one of them was way to tight and causing it to warp. We got my machine on there and were ready to go. Mom measured and I tore the canvas. I serged the edges and mom sewed the straight line down both sides. I ironed and then she helped me and we got the leaders in place. It was a long night, but we got a lot accomplished! I feel like I can put some muslin on and start playing this weekend. With an hour and a half of work break time sewing binding, my total for the day was 5.5 hours - 70 hours total. I'm still a long ways behind, but I'm catching up. I've already sewn for .5 hours this morning!

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Amelia said...

Come on....I am rooting for you to be the winner in this contest.