Tuesday, July 08, 2008

I see the light!

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel! There is hope that by tonight I can be caught up to Jen and Jill! Yesterday I sewed for an hour and 15 min. at lunch, then went home and spent 4 hours in the sewing room. I got a bag made and more prep work on my YBR quilts. Those are going to be awesome! I moved my cutting table/ironing board and I think I'm pleased with how high they are now. I think they are more ergonomicly correct now. I have this huge stack of purple fabric all over my ironing board/cutting table now. I've gotta get busy and start sewing now.
The futon was moved out of the studio before I got home from work, my shelves are clean, and I have a newly swiffered and mopped floor. I can sew to my hearts content! I love a clean room.
This morning I put in a half hour of frog stitching before work and I have plans to do some more at lunch and then I'll be home sewing tonight!


Colleen said...

You go girl! Sewing during lunch breaks even- that's why I'm rooting for you.

vtquilter said...

Go Moneik Go! Glad you are catching up with the J's..... I can't believe how much time you manage to squeeze in... lunchtime, before work.....