Thursday, July 24, 2008

Tied... First Quilt Quilted on My Nameless Frame

It looks like Jen and I are tied for the lead today! Certain unnamed competitors are complaining that I haven't been adding pictures or blogging recently... I gotta sew! I don't think I've seen my camera since the family reunion two weeks ago, though I think it's at the bottom of my take along bag. I'll have to dig it out tonight and take pictures.

I've been doing a ton of wrapping clothesline. I spend the half hour before work, hour at lunch, and even sitting on the swing with Paul in the evenings wrapping. I thought about sewing my rug together and then realized I wouldn't be able to take it back and forth to work, so I decided to just keep wrapping on it. When I was making blocks this past weekend I actually cut up all the left over fabric into 1/2" strips, so I have a lot more in my bag to chose from now.

Last night I quilted my very first quilt on my new frame! It actually went way better than I expected. I only had a few spots where I went across my lines, only one thread break, and only one broken needle. Thread break was due to new spool. I added sewers aid, not another problem! I got to the very end and was quilting the last row and i ran over a pin that was connecting the backing to the leader and didn't realize it until the needle broke. I used masterpiece thread top and bottom and it worked beautifully. If I can just slow myself down a bit my stitches will be smaller. Right now they are even, but bigger than I would like to see. I had some left over blocks from the two quilts I worked on this weekend and I made them into a crib size top, didn't add borders, and used a piece of leftover fabric from the endless purple tablerunners for the back. I just wanted to practice quilting and the backing was the perfect size. Had I added borders I would have had to piece the back. I'll have to take pictures tonight at Wind Up Round Up our LQS sewing night.

Last night I also was productive in the kitchen. I made a black bean chili casserole with cornmeal on top. It was oh so good! We've had rain the last two day, so it was cooler and I felt like using the stove. It was a way simple recipe and I could pop it in the oven and go sew. I also whipped up a German Chocolate cake since the oven was already on and coconut frosting on top. That's my absolute favorite cake! It's my mom's too, so I cut her a big chunk and will take it to her tonight. Her birthday is next week, so I need to figure out what I am going to do for her. I think the cake she will enjoy though!

My unnamed competitors are also complaining that I haven't given my machine and frame names yet. Nothing is coming to me... I'm just not sure what I want to name them. I know the machine is female and the frame is male... but I need to name them. Anyone have any good suggestions for names??? I'm all ears and there might even be a prize if your names are the ultimate winner.


Connie said...

Have to see pics before I can offer any potential names.....but I TOTALLY support you sewing first and blogging second! Go Moneik go!

BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

How about Ping and Pong. One won't work without the other? Giggle!
Great job on the sewing hours. I knew you needed to be watched coming from behind.

jillquilts said...

Well, here's my comment since other unnamed competitors were also complaining that I have not been commenting. :)

Amelia said...

How about Samson and Delilah?

Hang in there and win this contest!


Trish said...

Wow, those unnamed competitors are pretty pesky! Just a couple of pictures might keep 'em off your back (hint hint.... I can't wait to see what you've been up to!)

My suggestions for names are: Bonnie and Clyde (maybe not, they might be trouble makers), Lucy and Ricky (they would definately have a good time together) or Minnie and Mickey (no argueing or bickering between them, he just goes with the flow...)

Jennifer said...

What about June and Johnny?