Thursday, July 03, 2008

First July Project completed!

I completed my first project in the July sewing challenge! Last night I finished quilting and then squared up and put the binding on the baby quilt I made for my brother's new baby. It turned out really cute, but I was too tired to take a picture and just ended up going to bed. I learned the hard way that with flannel you need to have more in your binding strip to make up for the bulk. I usually use a 2.25" binding strip and it works great, but with flannel I should have made it wider to compensate for the bulk. I had a few places that didn't catch and I had to go back and redo them. Oh well I learned my lesson. I seriously considered doing the binding by hand so I would have some hand work for lunch today, but since it's for a baby and hopefully will be used and abused, I decided it was better to finish it up with the machine.


Michelle said...

Good job, Moneik, but shame on you for trying to distract Jen!

Good luck in the competition.

Kristie said...

That's my girl, trying to distract Jen!!!! Sounds like you are off to a wonderful start! I usually sew my binding for baby quilts down by machine, I agree with you, they are usually used, abused, and washed more than most quilts!

Connie said...

Good start kiddo--keep your eye on the goal and keep sewing! I am still cheering over here! Woo woo!

Diane said...

Good luck in your hours of quilting. I do not know how you and Jen do it!

Can I ask you to show how you machine quilt the final binding on the quilt? I usually hand stitch it down, but am having a difficult time with carpal tunnel.