Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year's Eve!

The past week just flew by and I can't believe it is almost over. The last time I wrote about my 14" amaryllis, which is now hovering at 20", but no bulb yet. Thurs. I worked and then met my mom so we could get our nails done. Just as we were done buying a Jennifer Chiaverini novel at Borders, Paul called to ask me to go to his uncles' apartment with him. Uncle Bill's son Ben was here from CA, so we went and visite with him for a couple hours. It was after 10 when we got home. So much for shopping with my mom. Friday night I met up with mom at the store and we did our shopping. I even got home pretty early for me. Sat. morning I met up with a guy I had been working for over the course of the past year and settled with him. I was so excited to have that taken care of before the end of the year. Then it was off to shop with Paul. We got a lot done, but mostly for ice fishing. Sat. night I was my mom's date to her Christmas party since my dad didn't want to go. We had a great time and since I worked there some too it was really fun to visit with everyone. Yesterday I slept in for a change and then went to church. In the afternoon Paul and I went shopping for more ice fishing supplies and made it home for a nap in the late afternoon. We watched Shrek 3 which was really good and then I knew I had to sew! I took out my b/w quilt again and quilted 2 sides. Now I have one end and the four corners left. I really wanted to get them done, but we'll see how it goes tonight. We are going out to supper and a movie, so I don't know if I'll get it done. Tomorrow we're leaving before dawn to go ice fishing. Maybe if I'm not too tired I can sew when I get home. Hope everyone has a Happy New Year and gets lots of quilting done.


Jen said...

Happy New Year!!! Wow, it seems everyone is changing their blog! Which style is yours? Is it one of the stretch ones?

Ice fishing....yeah have fun with that! I went a few times years ago...I just didn't find it amusing! LOL

Carol Van Rooy said...

Ice fishing. That sounds like an adventure. Do let us know how it goes. I've never been. Love to fish, but have no reason to seeing as I don't care to cook fish. Guess I've never been shown.