Friday, December 07, 2007

Quiet Blog Land!

It's been pretty quiet in blog land this week, which to me can only mean one thing... everyone is sewing like crazy to get their Christmas presents done. I for one am in the exact same boat! I decided to make a list of what has to be done, what the priorities are, and I'm starting tonight. The last two nights I quilted on the borders of my b/w quilt. Mind you this is taking forever since I have to mark as I go as it's rubbing off. I have one side done and three left to go. I have the goal of having it done in 2007, so we'll see.
Yesterday I was contacted about making a queen size photo memory quilt. It was a group who wanted to do it for a co-worker. They wanted the top at least done by Christmas to present and the quilting could be done after Christmas. Okay so how much would you charge to do this if you were buying all the fabric, including the fabric sheets to print, ink, and your time? Would you even do it considering there are 2 weeks to Christmas????? I told the person asking that I could/would do it for $500 for the top only to be done by Christmas and another $500 for the quilting/backing/batting/binding to be done after Christmas or they could take it to someone and have it quilted and bound themselves and pay them. I also said I would have to have half down to start, to buy supplies. Do you think I was out of line? What would you have done in this situation? Granted I have done several photo transfer quilts, and the top is the easy part for me, but in 2 weeks? The jury's still out on whether she wants to pay the price to have it done. I'll keep you posted.
Yesterday we got a nice little snow storm, with freezing fog first, so we had ice covered roads. I left work early and got home okay, but there were over 100 accidents in 2 hours time. We made Chili and let it simmer for a while and made cornbread and it was one of the best suppers I have had in a while. Tonight Paul is working late and I am going to Sit & Sew. I have several projects I want to get done, so I am taking lots of fabric and hope to get the tops of a couple tablerunners done at least.
Yesterday I also called the mother of the little girl I want to be the flowergirl. I have known the mother and daughter since I moved to Rapid. We sew together and though the little girl is 7, she is a better FMQ than I am! She will use my machine if her mom is busy even. She loves to sew, but is too young for the kids club. Since there are no little girls in our family and I didn't want to have a ring bearer without a flower girl, I decided to ask this little girl. Well I wanted to ask the mom first. When I called she was about in tears she was so honored I would ask. She said she'll bring the little girl tonight so I can ask her myself. I can't wait!


Bethany said...

I'm here!! Just been working on two quilts and finally got one done. Just trying to finish up some UFO's.

Not sure how to price that quilt. My feeling is that if they want it done by Christmas and just now asked, they should pay a little more. Maybe you can come to a compromise.

Jen said...

Very, Very exciting about getting to ask your flower girl tonight!

As for the quilt, that's a tough one. $500 sounds like a lot but at the same time you're putting in a lot of work in a short amount of time. But, if you feel good about doing it; do it. =)