Thursday, December 20, 2007

1 to go!

I feel like my goals are almost accomplished! Last night I quilted this tree skirt. It's simple and boring, but looks really cool on the tree. I used a red metallic thread that I had been fighting with for a few days. Well last night I went to my serger and got out a little net that goes over a spool of thread. I put it on the metallic thread and wouldn't you know I quilted the whole thing with not a single problem! Wish I had had it Fri. night when I was trying to quilt the candy cane tablerunner.
december quilts 024
While I was quilting this, Paul put up the decorative trim on the door and put the oak base on the walls. They look so good! Then we moved the furniture and put the tree up. The hole in the tree skirt is a little small, but it looks really nice. Then I had to get busy and quilt the tablerunner I made the night before since our exchange at work was today.
december quilts 025
This is the tablerunner I made from some scraps I had. I put the border on and the back is the same and then the binding is the same. I think I had the strips placed different when I layed it out, but when I sewed they ended up like this. I'm not real great at working with scraps, but my friend Karen does a lot of these types of quilts this way. I gave the gift today and the girl loved it! How much would you consider this gift worth, considering I didn't go buy any of it, just used what I had on hand. It was supposed to be a $10 item and that's what I consider it. My friend says since I didn't buy the fabric for it, so it's not worth that. I bet I have more than 10 in material if you add it up with the batting and thread and backing and binding. I guess I value the time spent putting it together.
I gave my other gifts today. The managers were really pleased and the president of the campus was shocked and had to show everyone. I really enjoy giving gifts when people appreciate them. I must have put him in a good mood, as we all get casual days Wed. - Fri. of next week and tomorrow.
I also finished up this little wall hanging for my supervisor. She really liked it.
december quilts 027
It should be on point, but it was hard to take a picture that way. I had made the picture wall hangings for the other two managers, but I'm the only one under her right now, so I didn't want to have just a picture of me. I personally think it needs something else, but that's just me. Since she liked it I don't really care. I think quilters are harder on themselves than anyone else.
In the midst of getting these all ready I helped Paul's mom make a king size double layered fleece blanket for her boyfriend. It is really cool and we got it cut out on the living room floor, so all she has to do is sew around the edge. Then she helped me cut the edge of my brothers quilt, so all I have to do is sew it. That's all I have to do. I may do it tonight or I'll take it to Sit & Sew tomorrow night and finish. I haven't decided yet what I am going to do. I also got all my gifts for work wrapped last night, so I feel like I got a ton accomplished!


Kristie said...

You are too hard on yourself, your things are beautiful!

Jen said...

I think the person who said your gift isn't worth $10 would automatically be struck from my list and would never get anything homemade.

I think the tree skirt and table runner look great!