Monday, December 03, 2007

How fast can 3 pairs of PJ Pants be made???

Saturday we slept in and then did our few errands in the afternoon... PetSmart, Target, Scheel's, Hancock's, and the crazy store (which was really crazy because it was the 1st and a lot of people got their government checks!) We got home about 5:30, put away groceries, and then decided to work on Christmas presents. Paul's mom wanted to make her boyfriend a pair of pj pants and a pair for Paul, so I offered to help her. I told her using my serger we would have them done in a flash. She has sewn a total of two fleece blankets, one tablerunner, four pillowcases and is in the process of making a bag now. She doesn't have any confidence in sewing, so I've been helping her. I taught her how to make the pattern the right size, how to shorten it, and how to lay it out. She cut out two pair and I cut out one pair. Then we set up the serger. I showed her how put the pants together. She made both pairs and I got mine done too, or at least the serger part in 3 1/2 hours. We started at 7 and finished at 10:30PM! We still have to do the casing and hems, but the hard part is done. Considering she had never done this it took no time at all.
Yesterday I went to 8:00AM church and then came home and slept till 2! I guess I was tired. Then Paul and I went to pick up propane so he could grill. In the evening I worked on quilting my b/w quilt. I have almost all squares done, but they are a pain in the neck! I figured I would stretch out the quilting and do it over the course of the week. Last night my dad called to tell me my cousin had gotten out of the pickup to shoot a doe and the gun exploded in his face. His shoulder and eye were hurt. He was in the emergency room last night and I called and offered to watch his sister's boys, but she said they were just waiting and had the boys with them. Mom let me know that he is at his sisters' house (she lives up here) and will have surgery in a day or two. My parents and brother and his wife might come up to visit tonight, so I may go out there. Don't know for sure how he is, but hope and pray for the best. It's been a busy weekend.

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Jen said...

I love making PJ pants. For me, it takes me longer to pin the pattern on than it does to make them.