Tuesday, December 18, 2007

8 down, 4 to go!

Yesterday I made a list of twelve things that had to be done before Christmas. I carefully put down what I knew I had to make and when it was needed by. My co-worker was going to velcro some fabric together to make a pillowcase for her son! I said I would serge it up and have it done last night. She was in shock and so excited to have a nice, professional pillowcase. I didn't even put a cuff on it, just used the fabric she gave me. Can you imagine trying to make something like that with sticky velcro? What would happen when the kids hair got stuck in it at night? So I felt like that was my good sewing deed for the day, even though she gave me something for doing it. I was making my cousin's son Billy a pillow case anyway. The one on the left is for her son, the cars one is for Billy. I made him a quilt last year with Cars, so I made a pillowcase for him this year. I am giving his new baby brother Tyler a quilt for Christmas this year.
december quilts 015 december quilts 016
Then I put together a block for a friend that she wanted done this week. I couldn't believe I was able to get it done, but I knew it was important to her. Then I needed to make something for one of my bosses. I made two picture mats. One for her and one for another manager. I had their departments sign them in the light blue today, so they look really cool.december quilts 020
Then I finished up the two tablerunners from the class I took on Friday night. They were supposed to have wavy ends too, but I got tired and didn't want to do bias binding, so I did the burp method and was going to just do some straight quilting, but they were kind of stretched. I decided they lended themselves to some FMQ. Luckily they are for my two very close friends at work and one of them is a quilter, so they won't care how terrible my FMQ really is. I shouldn't have used the verigated and then you wouldn't have noticed how bad it is, but they are done and they will appreciate me making them.

december quilts 018
So how did I get 8 off the list when I've only told you about 7? I was really supposed to make 2 pillowcases for the lady at work, but she only had enough fabric for one, so I got off a little easy. Tonight my little bro came over and tried on his shirt for the wedding. He is a groomsman. It fit him, so now we just have to make sure the best man's fits. He's coming over tomorrow night. After he left, I got busy. I made a purple tablerunner top and basted it. Just have to quilt it now. It is for the co-worker who I drew in our drawing for gifts. We exchange on Thurs. I also decided to fix up a project I had just about completed and give it to my boss. I got that done tonight. Then I sewed the tree skirt and flipped and pressed it. Now I just have to quilt it and put the tree up. I was too tired tonight to quilt, so I decided to blog instead. Now I just have to quilt those two items and finish the quilting/binding on my little bro's fleece blanket. I'm feeling a lot better about what I have done now.


Kristie said...

You have been sooooo busy! I love the tablerunners they are nice. I need to make some pillowcases for the boys, I could get rid of alot of fabric that way.

Cindy (aka Peony the House Elf) said...

You've been one busy lady. I have a few more things that I need to finish up but nothing major. I'm hoping to get all of it done this weekend. I'd sure hate to give someone the fabric and then ask for it back so I can make the project.

Jen said...

Wow, is that curved piecing on the candy cane runner? I'd love to see more of it!