Monday, December 03, 2007

Quilt Corral in Rapid City!!!!

Sat. I got the best quilting news I have heard in a long time. The Quilt Corral is opening a store in the same building as the Sewing Center! For those of you not familiar with my little half of western SD, the Quilt Corral is the mecca of quilt shops in the area! It is in a part of the Mistletoe Ranch and owned by Joan Davis. Mistletoe Ranch is the ultimate year round Christmas store in an old victorian house near Hill City SD. It's about 20 miles/min. from Rapid City, so I get there every other month or so. Literally packed from floor to ceiling there are over a 4500 bolts of fabric, 1000 bolts of batiks, 500 flannels, 1000 Asian inspired prints, or so their website says. Joan also designs Gutzy Geisha designs, a line of Asian inspired patterns to use the prints. They are really cool and definately a little challenging. All in all she's an amazing owner, enjoyable shop, and tons of the best fabric. She also buys entire lines, not just a few bolts, so there is a ton of matching fabric lines to choose from. She also carries a lot of focus fabrics. This is where I got the Hunky Carpenter fabric.
The Sewing Center, where I spent a lot of my sewing time, and where my mom works in on a hill overlooking I-90 which runs through Rapid. They are in a building with a church, and a lawyer and there is a strip mall next to them. Quite a few months back I heard a rumor that Joan wanted to sell Mistletoe Ranch and move the Quilt Corral to Rapid City. Off handed I just made the comment to my mom that it would be so nice if they moved in where the church was and that building could become a quilting/sewing super center! Well not that anyone listens to me, but at The Quilt Corral's monthly strip club meeting Sat. they announced they are opening a store where the church is. Now I don't know a timeline, but boy was my mom excited and I was elated! We needed this kind of quilt shop in Rapid. We do have two others, but one is mostly Nancy Halvorsen/Pearl Louise Krush fabrics and the other is so dark you can't see what you buy and it's mostly old fashioned fabrics and batiks. As soon as I know a date they are opening I will post because I will be counting the days! I am pumped!


Jen said...

That is sooo exciting. Your Quilt Corral sounds similar to my Patched Works, bolt wise!!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Moneik:
I was surfing for a specific fabric and came across your journal. Surprise, surprise. Where is the sewing center located in RC?
Janet D.