Tuesday, December 04, 2007

November Accomplishments, December Goals, and Quilt Journals

I guess I never really realized how much I have done each month until I started keeping a blog. I am much faster at taking pictrues and posting, so I have a copy on my USB stick. I have gotten a lot better at printing out the pictutres and putting them in my quilt journal, too. So far I have pictures of all the quilts I have made, plus a few other sewing related items. I am hoping to finish my 2nd journal this month and have a new one to start the year with. I have 14 pages left.
A run down of my Nov. projets:
2 finished tablerunners for the wedding
8 quilted tablerunners for the wedding, need to have binding
10 tops and backs done, just need to be basted, quilted, and have binding
1 woven tube bag made
1 John Deere LG Summer Tote
1 Coffee LG Summer Tote
1 Musical Tabletopper
1 Purple YBR baby quilt, quilted and binding on
1 Heart Tabletopper UFO, Binding on!!!
1 Shepard Wall Hanging
1 Hunky Carpenter pants made for me
1 Purple Vest
1 Gray Vest

That makes 12 actual projects completed!

I have a list for December of what I need to make too:
1 Pillowcase for Billy
1 pair of PJ pants for Paul - already done!
1 Purse for a x-mas present
Quilt B/W quilt, squares done so far
1 Fleece blanket for x-mas present
finish tablerunners for wedding
work on 2 purple YBR quilts
2 Candy Cane tablerunners for co-workers, maybe more if I have enough fabric.
1 tablerunner for a co-worker who has left - needs to be done by Dec. 8
1 hunky carpenter wall hanging for a co-worker who is leaving Dec. 14
There's my list and I'm sticking to it!

Let me tell you I have taken a tremendous amount of pictures since starting this blog. My computer was getting weighed down having so much on it. Since I'm so hard to buy for... okay except for my mother who will actually buy me the quilting stuff I really want, I asked for a 4 GB USB stick. I found a 1 GB stick at Target on Black Friday and completely cleaned off my computer of all the pictures I had on there from this year. In the past I have always made CD's, but with the size of so many pictures I would run out of room. This has been the perfect solution. I don't even save them to my computer any more. I just put them on the USB stick. I am sure hoping I get a couple USB sticks for Christmas so I can put them to good use next year! I have them posted on Webshots too, but I have almost filled that up in the last couple months, so I either need to start deleting or figure out a better plan for posting them online.

Does anyone else keep a quilt journal up?? I have had the popular green quilt journal that I got when I started quilting seriously in 2003. I have pictures of every quilt I made including my first t-shirt quilt in 1999. Last year I asked for a second one for Christmas. I filled the first up with last years and the previous years pictures. So this one, same size has been almost filled with all I have done this year! I need to get a new one for next year. Even if I have a few pages left, I want to start a new one with the new year. This is a wonderful way for me to show my quilts to co-workers and friends who want to see the work I have done. I can also see how much my work has changed over the years!


Gina said...

I keep a quilt journal aswell. I keep the photos of every quilt or quilt related thing I'e made along withthe name of the pattern and where it came from. I also say who the quilt is for and I've kept the thank you notes I've had along with the photos.

love and hugs xxx

Jen said...

I tried keeping a quilting journal but I always forget about it. I've been trying now to use my blog as my journal.