Thursday, December 13, 2007

NAU Wall Hangings

This week just flew by! I can't believe it is already the end of the week. Monday night I got caught up in a Hallmark movie and ended up watching it with Paul and going to bed. I didn't do a darn thing. Tues. night the second part of the movie was on, so I worked really hard to quilt a wall hanging for my co-worker Melanie before it came on. I got the quilting done, but had to put the binding's on during commercials. I got it done except for sewing the hanger down, which I got done tonight. She's not big on quilts, but has put up with all mine for the last 2 years we have worked together. In May we moved into and office with Karen and she quilts too, so Melanie was totally outnumbered. We have a tradition that when someone leaves our area we give them a quilt of some sort. Melanie liked my pants, so I used the scraps to make this quilted wall hanging for her. Tomorrow we are having a going away potluck. Since she is really health conscious, so I made her favorite... a veggie tray with dip.
A couple months ago I used the leftover core values piece to make a little table topper for a co-workers boss. He absolutely loved it even though I just felt like I threw it together. Last week he resigned, so he gave it back as he would no longer be with the university. I didn't want to regift it as it was, but I didn't want to keep it either since I have the big wall hanging I made. Tonight on Karen's advice I cut off the edge stitching, added two borders and a binding and requilted it and made the wall hanging below. We decided that it should go to the president of our campus, so it'll be a Christmas gift for him. Nothing big since these were scraps anyway, but I know he will really appreciate it since he always comments that he is never the one leaving so he doesn't get a quilt. He always compliments both Karen and I on our quilts, so I know he genuinely will like it. He was going to have me make his grandma a memory quilt, but she was near death, so he didn't want to do it since her time was short.

Last night was sit and sew. My little brother wanted a big fleece blanket for Christmas, so I knew all a long what he was getting. I needed to make it and since I don't have much room so, I took it there and layed it all out. I had to sew some side pieces on and make it a little bigger with what I had, so I still need to stitch around it, but it is at least layered. Wouldn't you know he showed up to pick up the cookies Paul had made for him! Oh well, he probably already knew that he was getting it. It is 90 x 120, since he's a big boy.
My mom was at a store and asked about the shirts we wanted for the groomsmen and they could order them from the different stores and have them shipped to us, so that's what she did. Hopefully they are there this weekend, so we can pick them up and have the guys try them on. Tomorrow night I have a class on a candy cane tablerunner. It looks pretty easy, so I want to make two for my friends Karen and Sandy at work. Next week is going to be busy with so much to get done before Christmas weekend.


Jen said...

That wall hanging is just a stitch!! I like the way the core values wall hanging turned out too; he's going to love it.

You know, on my quilting frame message board they were talking about free motion quilting fleece. I'm thinking of getting the USMC fleece panel and putting a red on the back and quilting them for my dad for christmas. I wanted to do something with it but wasn't sure what...of course now that I know I can't find the fleece!! LOL

Kristie said...

Love your wallhanging! I'm sure he will love it! You always do a great job!

Carol Van Rooy said...

If it means getting a wonderful hand-crafted quilt, I can start and "RESIGN" the same day (HEHEHE).

Your work is great. Hope you continue to find time amongst planing the wedding.

Cindy (aka Peony the House Elf) said...

I absolutely love the wall hanging way to go. The core values turned out great too he's going to love it.