Thursday, December 23, 2010

Valentine Tablerunner Top Finished!

This week has been long and I haven't gotten much time at home for quilting, so thankfully I had no Christmas present quilting planned.  Last year when I started going to Dr. appointments with my mom, my amazing blogging friend Jen sent me a kit of Valentine's fabric and English Paper Piecing papers to make a table runner. On January 11, 2010 I started the handwork on the Valentine table runner. I've taken it to almost every appointment, worked on it at lunch, and took it to many of my own Dr. appointments.  Last week my mom was very sick and I took her to the hospital on Fri. She ended up spending a week in the hospital and finally they were able to figure out why she was sick. She got out today and I'm so thankful to have her with us for Christmas this year.  My mom's diagnosis this week is a repeat, to the day of last years and it's been difficult to say the least.This week while spending many hours at the hospital, I finally finished the Valentine top. I even spent an entire evening taking all the paper pieces out. I'm ready to applique it to a backing fabric and complete the table runner. I absolutely love how it turned out so far and am looking forward to finishing it now. I may even get it completed in time for Valentine's Day this year. Thanks Jen for keeping me busy all year! It's been a Godsend to have this year.
My mom wanted a picture of my pregnant belly, so I obliged her one evening. I've got about 3 weeks left and the Dr. says I'll probably go full term, so no Christmas baby here.

Today we had a solid sheet of ice when we went out and the university didn't open until 10, so I got a chance for a nap this morning. I made it to work fine, but most did not come in, so it was quiet. Then we got to leave at 2, so it was a short day. Paul made it safely home from Pierre, so we enjoyed having the evening together. I did go down and quilt my Christmas table topper and put binding on it. I'm sure it won't be finished for tomorrow night, but it felt so good to quilt and relax tonight. I also finished up a little cash and carry wallet for a friends gift. I was so relaxed that I should be able to sleep good tonight. Baby is moving like crazy and quilting relaxes her too!


BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

Moneik! You look fantastic! I'm so glad you are feeling good. It's almost time! I'm so excited for you and Paul!

Jennifer said...

I am so sorry to hear about your mom's diagnosis...again. Thoughts and prayers with your family as you go through that while at the same time preparing for the birth of your daughter.

ytsmom said...

You're looking good! Glad that your Mom gets to be home for Christmas. I know from personal experience that it sucks to be in the hospital for Christmas.

Colleen said...

Love the baby bump! I was saddened to read about your mom's diagnosis, but glad she was home for the holidays. I hope you had a wonderful time making memories this holiday season with your family.

Deb A said...

You look great! Enjoy the last month of freedom with no diaper bag, stroller and/or baby carrier. So sorry to hear about your Mom but glad that she was able to be home with you for Christmas.
Love the table runner and a wonderful use of doctor visit/hospital visit time!