Friday, December 10, 2010

Karen's Christmas Quilt

Tuesday at break my co-worker Karen asked if I had time to quilt her Christmas quilt this week. She's having a party on Sat. and wanted to have it done to hang by then. I told her if I had it Wed. I could bring it back on Thurs. We agreed on a price and I didn't think much more about it. Wed. morning she had it, complete with backing and batting ready to go. I was on a mission!
I was so excited to quilt this one as it's very rich looking and I knew I had the perfect thread for it. I used  Rainbows Green/Good/Marroon verigated and marroon Bottomline The quilting came out beautiful and I only had to change the bobbin once, in the middle of one of the darker blocks, so it doesn't show.
Here's the completely quilted quilt, in about 2 hours.
I just love the fabric she used. The pattern is the 5 yard quilt. We've both made the pattern a few times as it's so quick and easy.
A close up, shows the different gold fabrics.
And a real close up shows the thread. It matched so perfectly!
She loved it and I enjoyed quilting it for her. It was such a powerful night of quilting! Never underestimate a quilter on a mission.

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