Monday, December 06, 2010

Sewing Themed Quilt

Saturday night I made the backing for the sewing themed quilt and loaded it on the frame. I figured if I could get it all loaded and a couple passes done, I'd be satisfied with how much I got accomplished. Paul joined me while I got it loaded and then went up to watch a movie while I quilted. I actually got it completely quilted in a couple hours! This picture is awful, since it's taken in my bedroom where the light is bad. I'm just so excited to have it quilted. I started putting the binding on Sat. night and finished it up Sun. morning after church.
I now have handwork to keep me busy on work breaks when we can't walk. The binding is the pink button fabric and the borders are the purple sewing machines. I did a medium sized meandering on it.
The thread is a pink, blue, yellow, purple pastel King Tut and a lt. purple Bottomline. The combo worked well for quilting and tension was great. I love how the thread looks on the white fabric.
It looks really good on all the fabrics. I can't believe how good King Tut can match a lot of different colors. I bought a new spool because I'd already quilted 3 quilts with the spool and wasn't sure I'd have enough. I ended up with just enough on the first spool, though I was watching it at the end. I could see the core of the spool!
This quilt was made especially for me! It's all sewing/crafting/quilting fabrics and I plan to take it with me to the hospital when our little miss arrives. I should have the hand binding done in the next week or so.

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