Thursday, December 16, 2010

Gifties for my Co-workers!

Tonight I stopped at Fabric City and picked up 3 fat quarters and 6 zippers. I wanted to make 3 cash and carry style wallets and figured I probably could get 6 out of my fat quarters. I just love this new Java line of fabric and since my walking buddies are also my drinking buddies (hot chocolate and coffee) when it's too cold to walk, I figured it would be perfect for them. I got 3 made tonight and they turned out super cute. I kind of used the pattern, but really made them the way I wanted.
They turned out super cute.
The inside lining fabric is coffee beans.
I love the marroon/read color and how well it goes with both black and brown.
I decided to use the two charm packs I won from Cindy last week to make coasters for my office mates. I hadn't planned to make anyone, any gifts for Christmas, but tonight I was inspired. I got 5 done before I called it a night. I have the rest sorted and ready to sew, but they'll have to wait until this weekend. I have a co-worker that will be gone next week, so figured I'd give her one tomorrow.
I actually really enjoyed making these gifts for my co-workers. By next year we'll probably have double the staff again and then I'll have to figure out something else. It takes some creativity to make 10 gifts instead of 5. If we have 15-20 next year, I may not have time to make gifts for all.


JayTee said...

I love the red fabric & accent you used on the bags

Judy said...

How cute! What is the name of this pattern? Might have to get it and do some over for next Christmas.