Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Deer Wall Hanging!

Last night I worked on finishing up the Deer Wall Hanging for my husband's boss for Christmas. I had the binding and hanging sleeve done, but needed to trim all the threads and fray check any places I thought needed it. It actually turned out better than I expected. I used a tan King Tut thread in the tan part and brown King Tut on the deer and borders. I used a brown Bottomline as the back is the same as the borders.
This is probably the closest to the real colors of the wall hanging, though I had a lot of light on it last night when I was trying to take pictures. Paul made a dowel hanger to put through the hanging sleeve, but it is still drying. He used a dark cherry stain and I think it's going to be gorgeous with this one. Usually he uses a golden oak or something along those lines.
I did small stippling on the tan and the deer. It was very intricate and I had to slow the machine down a lot ot be able to get my motions and stitch length correct.
From a ways away you can't even tell that it's quilted. I just love the pictures within a picture that Chris Bumps patterns create. I also love using batiks for them, but it's very hard to find the solid color batiks in the right colors. I had been to four different shops in town and not found what I wanted before Paul and I drove out to Mistletoe Ranch to find the right ones and even there we were limited to about 2 selections in the colors we wanted. Paul picked them out, so I'm glad he was a part of it. His Christmas party is Fri. night, so I'll get it wrapped up and ready to gift yet this week.
Here's a close up of quilting I did on the background and trees and deer. It's not nearly this yellow in person, but I suppose that's how the macro on my camera portrays it.
I was also able to work on binding another quilt, but I can't sit at my machine as long as I used to, so I finally gave up and went and relaxed in front of the TV with some hand work. This could be a long month if I can't sew for more than an hour at a time!


Jodi-JoJoMia's Place said...

It turned out beautiful Moneik! He will love it. Looks like it was a lot of work, nice quilting.

Sara said...

I love these silhouette designs - very striking! You did a beautiful job on it.

Cindy said...

It's lovely and I'm sure his boss is going to just love it. You just hang in there you're almost done and soon you'll have that adorable baby in your arms.

Barb said...

Absolutely stunning!

Colleen said...

I turned out great Moneik!