Friday, November 05, 2010

Project Bags & Groovy Girls TONIGHT!

Last night was super productive for me... well the whole day was. I worked on my paper piecing at work and got quite a few "fill in" spots done. It's getting bigger every day and I'm hoping with some luck that I might have it finished by Valentine's day. I've been trying to do at least one flower a week and this week with all the appointments I've been to, I've gotten 3 done. I figure they take me about an hour a pieces, so three hours of waiting! Although I was kind of mad at the Dr. this week when I got in an hour ahead of schedule. I had planned to be very productive during that hour, but instead had to go back to work. Oh well, I have a 3 hour test next week, so plenty of waiting time to do some EPP.
Last night I finished making  2 big project bags. I couldn't get 18" zippers, so I ended up with 22". I decided I'd use up the piece of vinyl I had left and made two BIG project bags. They are about 18"x16". They work great for projects where I have more fabric than needed or want to keep the backings with the quilt top. I appliqued "M"s on them from the Winding Ways fabric. I simply love that fabric!
I had about a 7"x16" piece left, so I made a small project bag. For size reference, my charm square tumblers fit perfectly in this one. Since all I have are the tumbler blocks cut out, this works well. Since I had a red zipper I appliqued on a Keep on Quilting piece of fabric.
I also made one more sample for Groovy Girls. It's one of the free project ideas given away using selvage edges. I've been collecting for a year and it's amazing to me how many I now how.
Each side is a little bit different. I think it turned out cute and was really quite simple to make.

Groovy Girls first meeting is tonight at The Sewing Center/Fabric City. It starts at 6PM and goes for an hour. Afterwards you can go home or do what the Groovy Girls do... stay and sew, either on your own project or on the GG kit. I'm looking forward to sewing with my girlfriends. I have three projects along, so depending on what mood strikes, I don't know what might get done. I have my cowgirl One Block Wonder, my tumbler quilt, and a Wonder Blocks quilt.


cowgirl commentaries said...

I think these selvage bags are so cute! How did you do the applique M on the vinyl? Is it glued on or sewn on?

Judy said...

Love all your bags. I really like the project bags.I may have to take some time and try a couple.
Thanks for showing them.