Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Working On this Week

This past weekend was very productive as I got several quilts cut out while I was at my parents. I like to do cutting when I have the big cutting table and it's easy to take with me, without taking all the sewing stuff. When I'm at home I like to do things I can only do there, such as quilting and tracing on my big roll of SAS2. Last night I loaded the backing and batting for Aunt Vi's Double Knit throw quilt. Let me just say I HATE quilting DK. It's so stretchy and the back gets out of wack, causing puckers. I did and up and down squiggly line on it and about 3/4 of the way through, I couldn't take it any more. I just had to quit. Since it was still fairly early in the evening, I traced and started cutting out the deer for a wall hanging Paul wants me to make for a Christmas present. I got the outer part cut out, but still need to cut out the inner portions. Maybe I'll get to this after I finish quilting the throw tonight.
Tues. night I quickly quilted up this fall wall hanging for my mom. She used all her fall scraps to do the mystery quilt at retreat and then added some borders of leftover fabric. The snowballs turned out really cute.
I feel like I've accomplished a few things this week while I've been home, so hope to get some piecing done the next two weekends.

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vtquilter said...

Thanks for the comment and for having the UFO challenge! It was the nudge I needed to get a few things done.
Enjoy your quilting time the next couple of months....