Thursday, November 04, 2010

Cash & Carry Wallets

Last night I was bound and determined to finish the samples I needed to make for this months GG club at the store.  I made this one from the free pattern and it turned out so cute with the little D ring and handle. It went together pretty simply and even the bottom is done differently than most I have done. See the little bit of pink peaking out? It's folded up in there, so it expands. Such a neat idea!
I also made a cash and carry wallet using the pocket version. I did the pocket on one side.
Then I used the optional vinyl on the second side. I actually thought the vinyl turned out really well. I could see sticking a drivers license in this side as it would be easy to see and show when needed.
When I got done with the wallets, I decided to work on some vinyl project bags I have cut out. I cut out and applied all the applique pieces, but I need to do the stitching around them. I did the stitching around one M and I was done for the night. It just wasn't coming out as neat as I would have liked. I hope to get the project bags completed tonight and start on some bags for my friends at retreat. I'm slowly making progress on my list of goals for Nov.


vtquilter said...

Very cute! Lots of progress on so many projects.
Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. The purples are really pretty in person.

Judy said...

Cute Wallets!
I just may have to try one of them.