Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Naked Cowboys!

The semi-naked cowboy fabric has been out about 4 years now and the shops I've been to have all been out of it. It was popular before I really got in to quilting, so I didn't get any. I looked for it when I was in OH, but to no avail. After dropping me off at the airport Jen and Jill stopped at a quilt shop in KY. Jill texted me to say she had found it and how much did I want. I texted her back 2.5 yards. She got it for me and sent it in the packages I had packed up to send home. Last night I cut out and made this pair of pants in about an hour. I want to wear them this coming weekend, so I knew I had to sew fast. They turned out so fun and went together super fast.

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Jen said...

I don't even remember you wearing them! I guess I was too busy chatting!