Monday, June 01, 2009

Fishing for Dad's Birthday

This weekend we headed to my parents as our niece was being baptized Sat. night. After Mass we headed to the river as it was my dad's birthday and he wanted to go fishing. We fished until midnight.
Sunday morning we were up at 6AM! Way before it's healthy to get out of bed or care what one looks like. My little bro was having really good luck as he caught 40+ pounds of catfish. This was the biggest one he caught, 11 pounds! He stood it up next to our niece and it was bigger than she is.

I had a ton of nibbles, but this is the only one I caught. It was 5oz, so I threw it back. It was the smallest one we caught. Most were 2+ pounds, but averaged about 7 lbs. My other bro is going to smoke them, so we'll eat them later. This is they Cheyenne River in the background. My parents live about 10 miles from it, so go often when we are home at this time of year. When the cotton starts flying is when we have the best luck and it's just starting to fly.
I was headed to get more shrimp for bait. I'm standing next to the bank and it's about 10 foot down to the river. Mom was the official photographer, scale holder, pliers holder. She had a hat, so didn't get sunburned like I did. I'm toasty red.
About 11 the fish quit biting, so we went back to my parents and the guys cleaned the fish and the girls cooked lunch. Then it was nap time. It's exhausting going fishing! Mom helped me lay out my One Block Wonder and I got it all cut out before we headed home.


jillquilts said...

That's a big fish! Where's the pic with it next to your niece? That would've been a great one!!

Jen said...

OMG, that fish mouth picture is freaking hilarious. I love it.