Friday, June 05, 2009

Boxed Blessings finally done!

Boxed Blessings the "big" quilt retreat quilt I was planning to work on is finally done. I thought I could get it all pieced and in a top by the time I came home. I could have... if I hadn't waited to start until Sat night! I found too many other fun, quick projects and didn't quite get done with the blocks. I had them about 3/4 done, and shipped them home. Over the past month, I've had to make a number of bags, so this kept getting pushed to the back burner. I quilted it in about 5 days, and spent 6 hours ripping out three rows of quilting because of bad tension issues. I think I was rushing too fast to be done on Memorial Day weekend. I put the binding on last Fri night and have worked all week to get the binding hand sewn down. After I got home from class last night I finished the last side of binding up while I visited/watched TV with Paul. He starts his new job on Monday, so today's his last non-working day to stay at home and veg, so he stayed up late last night while I sewed. The back and the front of the quilt, with the cool binding. I have enough to make a pillowcase to go with it too. I'll get the quilt to the store today so it's there for strip club tomorrow.
This is the finished quilt


Jennifer said...

The quilt looks great! I really love the binding. Also liking your new blog template!

BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

You're killin me with this quilt! I want that pattern so bad, but I am on a no buy thing...good plan since my Sapphire quit on my last night. She's going to the machine hospital tomorrow.....That quilt really rocks! Love the new look, too!

Jen said...

Great job Moneik!! I love this quilt. It's gonna have to be made at some point.