Monday, August 25, 2008

Wow- I'm behind!

I can't believe it's been a week since I last posted! I go through the blog ring everyday, but didn't even realize I hadn't post in such a long time. I worked at my new job at the LQS on Mon, Tues, and Thurs. Wed. night I pulled out my serger and was going to finish my secret project and was having trouble getting it even. I finally got it set right and my needle broke, so I quit. I cut out more fat quarters for my Happy Hour quilt. Thurs. night mom and our co-worker Daisy and I went to the rodeo at the Central States Fair. It was really good as a lot of the local guys were riding as well as a few of my former students were in the rodeo. Friday night I went with the same group and my dad joined us.
Sat. I worked at the LQS as we had a group coming in from MT. They were so much fun and we had a great morning. I ended up working later than usual and my MIL came in and picked out fabric for a quilt we are going to make together. I got fabric for a new Miranda bag too. I have a ton of bags made, but I want this new one too.
Does anyone else feel like they have too many bags or purses? What do you do with them? At the time I make them I love them and then I make something different and use it and the old goes in my closet and the cycle continues. I have a lot of bags and purses! I'm wondering if maybe I should start giving to my friends or as prizes on my blog. What do you think? Would you give a purse or bag to someone if you had already used it?
Paul met me and we joined my parents and Daisy Sat. night for the rodeo. I always have so much fun at the rodeos. Sunday I went to church and then we ran errands. I had a terrific headache, so I slept most of the afternoon. My little bro flew in at 10:30 PM, so Paul and I went and picked him up. It was a late night, but so good to see him get home from a fun vacation.
With starting my new job at the quilt shop, I've been exhausted at night. Thurs. afternoon I started my new job as an Assistant Registrar in our central administration building. It's going to be a challenging job, I think I will really enjoy it. We have 17 campuses and I'll be doing evaluations for them, instead of just the Distance Learning campus. So for a couple hours each week, I work over there getting acquainted with the office, until they find someone I can train for my current position. I'm really enjoying both new jobs and I think once I get more settled I'll be able to get more sewing done.
Tonight I finished up my secret project. I sewed over a zipper wrong and thought my machine was going to need to go to the shop, but I think it's still working correctly. I am so glad to be done with them. They are made with canvas and it's a pain to work with and the serger did not like stitching it together. i don't know how many times I sewed some seams. I have all the packages addressed and they are ready to go in the mail. I finished cutting all the fat quarters into three sections for my HH quilt and I'm ready to make the second cut. MIL and I are going to make her a quilt together, so I'm looking forward to that as well. I'm going to start the friendship quilt tomorrow night. I can't wait! Hopefully I'll have more to write about this week. Stay tuned for my Extreme Home Sewing Room Makeover next weekend!


Suzan said...

An Extreme Sewing Room makeover?! Sounds exciting!!

Gina said...

You need to find a bag mad niece to give all your bags to. Either that or start making baby girls.
Gemma is completely bag mad and she takes all mine off my hands. She'd be more than happy to do the same for you.

Love and hugs Gin axxx

Jennifer said...

I buy lots of bag patterns too...and have made a few and have plans to make many more. I am trying to make them seasonal so that I can rotate them throughout the year...but I say, yes, you can give away bags if you want to!