Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Runaround bags & PJ Pants

Last week I was fast and furiously working to get three runaround bags done for the girls I was going to the quilt show with. I had them all cut out and I was able to finish all 5 of them on Thurs. night while we were sewing at the LQS where we all work. The first I made for J as she loves Asian fabrics. I made a tulip one for D, but the picture didn't get loaded to my webshots album. I made a Thimbleberries one for M. They were each unique to their own personalities and the girls LOVED them and they worked perfect for holding a little bit of money, a camera, tickets, and business cards. I was so glad I had made them. Mom and I used the Loralie ones I had made for our last shop hop.
Quilts & Vines 092
Quilts & Vines 094
While I was making purses, the D, M, and my mom were making pants with the naked construction workers and firemen on them. When I got done I made a pair for J as I already had a pair. We surprised her Friday night with our new PJ bottoms! They were a hit and oh so much fun.


Jen said...

Those turned out great!

Kristie said...

I just love the runaround bags! I made one to take on the big yard sale with me!