Monday, August 04, 2008

Purple Rug - One Month in the Making!

Throughout the competition, I knew to stay competitive I would need something that could travel, so I bought 250 feet of clothesline and wrapped on it for many hours of the month of July. On July 31 I was still wrapping, so I spent time with Paul watching TV and continued my wrapping. As I was finally done wrapping I went to sew it together. Although it was fun and turned out great... it used a ton of thread! I had a brand new spool of Masterpiece in purple and it used all of that as well as some RA purple I had. I turned out quite well and I plan to use it for a mat for my plants at work. It will look great in the window and I still have 150 feet left! This only took 100 ft. I finished it up about midnight on the 31st!

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Bella said...

That is too cute. I have yet to get started one to show me so I am relying solely on the book...Jen says it's easy so I hope you are all correct!