Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Quilts and Vines Wine

In this picture I had just gone to pick up the 6 pack of Quilts and Vines wine we were getting. It was pretty heavy, so as I was going toward our group, mom took this picture of me. It looks like I was swaggering and drunk, but I wasn't I had our t-shirts around my neck so we didn't have to hold them and my neck wouldn't get burnt.
As I got closer you can see my wine glass in it's holder and my quilt survivor shirt I had on. What you can't see is that my hat has the logo on it too.


Kristie said...

Are you sure you're not drunk?? Just kidding! I bet you all had a wonderful time!

Michelle said...

Take that hat off, and give us a closer look at your new hairstyle!