Friday, August 01, 2008

July Sewing Accomplishments

This was such a successful month of sewing! I really feel like I made up for May and June. Although I lost to Jen by 2 hours, I feel so good about the 182 hours I did get in!

My July Accomplishments include:

~ Finished Fat Quarter Bag
~ Made Molly's baby quilt - start to finish including label
~ Tablerunner for MIL
~ Quilted a wall hanging for a customer
~ Quilted and hand binging on my dad's deer wall hanging
~ Three sleeves for Bag-E-Bottoms
~ Four Runaround bags and helped MIL with one
~ Two wonder wallets, 4 checkbook covers
~ Log Cabin Cross Wall Hanging
~ Binding Tutorial
~ Nurture Nest Pillowcase
~ Leaders
~ Yellow Brick Road top/ Between Friends Jr. back - reversible quilt, quilted on frame & hand sewn binding
~ YBR/BFJR blocks used to make baby blanket, quilted on frame, hand sewn binding
~ Gracie Bag for mom
~ Clothesline Rug
~ Secret Project...

In other news from July...
~ Mom and Dad helped me pick up my new frame in Sioux Falls
~ We went on a mini-shop hop - 6 stores in SE SD
~ Attended the Williams Family Reunion
~ Paul and I finished all the thank you's for the wedding gifts thus far
~ Paul helped me put the frame together
~ Mom helped me get the carriage together and make the leaders

I'm looking forward to making the Happy Hour quilt - Picture This in August as well as a few baby blankets, a lap quilt for me, and a wolf wall hanging for Paul.


Hazel said...

All three of you girls did a find job ,you worked very hard and put in many hours Congratulations

Colleen said...

So close, and to come back from a double-digit deficit like you had. I wish I had that drive!

Gina said...

Well done Moniek. You nearly did it. As promised, for dwarfing my measly 70 hours, I'll be sending something out to you. give me a month or two as I want to make up all three prizes and send them out together.

Love and hugs gina xxx

Maureen said...

Wow that is a lot of hours. Congratulations on completing so may hours.