Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Reality is setting in!

Reality is starting to set in and it finally feels like the wedding is getting closer! No I'm not stressing out! I started stressing about a month ago one night when my mom, Paul, and his mom Leslie were all at the house. Leslie and my mom decided they would drink a beer every time I got stressed out about something for the wedding. I said you can't do that you'll both be alcholics! My mom said, well then shape up. Sooooo, so far I haven't really stressed yet, or my mom will say where's the beer and I just let it go.
I haven't really been anxious yet, but this week I had to make a few calls to ask people to help and to confirm details. I got a lot of things taken care of and I feel pretty good about what is left. The church banner top is done and we are going to baste it on Fri. I'm hoping to get it quilted this weekend. We are also planning on completing the invitations and getting them mailed out this next week. We're at 7 weeks to the wedding!
Yesterday I received our first shower gift from a friend who won't be able to make the shower as she is having surgery. It was so fun to open it! Tomorrow night is my bridal shower up here. Two of my friends who are co-workers are throwing the shower. I really had good intentions of having a signiture quilt done, but that didn't happen and it doesn't look like it's going to get done before the wedding, unless I get really bored, so everyone will have to sign the boring book. What kind of quilter doesn't have a signiture quilt for her own wedding. I seriously am considering just getting a big piece of white fabric and having everyone sign it and making a wall hanging later and using it as the back. Who knows what will happen by then.
close up tiara I'll leave you with pictures of my hair done on Saturday as practice for the wedding. We went and tried on veils and it was snowing/raining/ windy, so it went flat in a hurry. I really wanted a tiara, but after trying them on, I didn't find anything I liked or was willing to pay for. I do like the length of the veil though, so I'll be working on making that too.


Cindy (aka Peony the House Elf) said...

You are going to make such a lovely bride. Don't get stressed out everything will come together and soon the big day will be here, just enjoy it all.

Carol Van Rooy said...

If your still looking for a tiara (without the expense)... you can often rent them (which I didn't know) from costume shops, or (atleast here in CANADA) find them in the teeny bopper stores like "Ardene's" or "Claire's".

BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

Oh the veil is perfect for you. I love the length too. It just "suits" you. I don't drink so everytime you stress out on your blog, I'll have some chocolate. hehehehehe

Deb (vtquilter) said...

You are going to be a lovely bride and have a wonderful day! Can I get in on the eating chocolate when you stress out on the blog? share that stress so we can od on chocolate!

Connie said...

All the veils look so pretty! I made my veil--modelled it after my Mom's. The funny thing about weddings is that you do all this planning and organizing and then the day just whizzes by--it's all going to turn out great!!

Nancy said...

For our middle daughter's wedding I cut pieces of WOW fabric that will fit into a pattern I will make later, backed them with freezer paper, and had everyone at the wedding sign one while we were waiting for them to arrive at the reception. They still don't know of my plans. I am going to be using a pattern from Victoriana Quilts and hope to put a wedding picture of them in the middle of it. They were married the week of Valentine's Day, and she carried red roses so thst gave me the theme of the fabrics. I am hoping to do it for Christmas this year or for their anniversary. Everyone signed their blocks in reddish gelly roll pens.Her attendants took the strips around to everyone so it went pretty quickly. I even marked on each with light pencil where the stitching lines would be so hopefully no one got into the seam allowance. Just an idea for you.