Monday, April 14, 2008

Last Week

Last week went from bad to worse, so this weeks gotta be better. Since I've been gone all week I'll have several posts with pictures. Tuesday my mom's cousin died. She was 24, so we had gone to school together. I spent Wednesday and Thursday coming to work early and staying late trying to make up the hours so I could be gone on Friday for the funeral. We also were in the midst of a blizzard warning, so we knew weather could change plans too. Thurs. after work mom and I left and went back to Philip (1 1/2 hours away) for the prayer service and then went to my parents for the night. I designed labels on my mom's embroidery software, so she can sew them out when I'm not there. Fri. morning we went back to town for the funeral, burial, and lunch with the family. Both my brothers where there as well as Jim's wife and my parents. After lunch my little bro Ed and I headed back to Rapid so I could work the remainder of the afternoon. After work Paul picked me up and we took his mom to Hill City (30 miles) to the Alpine Inn. We had their famous Filet Mignon and desserts. It was so scrumptious. They only serve one menu at night, Filet Mignon - small or large, a baked potato, and a 1/4 head of lettuce with ranch dressing. It's outstanding and reasonably priced at 8.95 for the small or 10.95 for the large. We took the scenic route back and had a nice time. I got home to several packages to open which was fun!

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