Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Crown Royal Quilt Block

marchquilts 041
I finally got a picture last night of the Crown Royal block I made last week. It's a churn dash pattern and uses 2 bags per block. Crown Royal is an alcohol that the bottle comes in a purple bag and has the name embroidered across the front. I made the block 12 1/2" and I figure using a 7x9 layout I will need 63 blocks for a total of 126 bags. I probably have that many since my dad has a friend who works in a bar and sent a whole bunch to him so I could make the quilt. This is my test block since I wanted to know if the black would be okay and how much fabric I could get out of the bag.


Carol Van Rooy said...

What a fantastic idea. My grampa always drank Crown Royal and he'd give us the bags as kids to store marbles and junk in.

I wonder what they would otherwise do with the bags at the bars... throw them out I suppose?!?

Jen said...

That's really sharp!!

Michelle said...

I get a few from a family friend once in awhile, and I put the foot control for some of the sewing machines I have in them. They also work good for little travel irons.

Your block looks great!

Hazel said...

Moneik did you test to see if it would bleed ? The block looks great .