Tuesday, April 01, 2008

March Accomplishments

I made a few quilting accomplishments this month!
~ I finished the tabletopper UFO I started at the 2007 Wall Quilt retreat
~ Made my Miranda bag and ended up making two mini ones too
~ I attended the Wall Quilt Guild trunk show and helped with it since it's my guild
~ I attended the Joan Davis Quilt trunk show at the Wall Quilt weekend
~ Paul and I took engagement pictures
~ I put the binding on two YBR quilts that Jen quilted so awesomely for me!
~ I made a 4'x7' design wall with foam board and flannel.
~ I received some beautiful Wales gifts from my blogging buddy Gina in Wales.
~ I got my Janome Table for my 6600!
~ I finished the quilting on the YBR for my flowergirl and put the binding on.
~ I made a musical tablerunner for my pianist.
~ I made one churn dash block using the crown royal bags as the sides.
~ I worked on the church banner and have all the landscape pieces steam a seamed to the background.
~ I made the muslin for the flowergirl and two more muslins for one of my bridesmaids. We have the sizes right, so we're ready to begin making the dresses.


Jen said...

Dang girl, when are you going to have your freak out about how close the wedding is? COme on already, every bride gets to have a melt down!!! =)

Maureen said...

Wow...that is some list with your wedding right around the corner! Impressive!