Monday, April 14, 2008

The Prize Patrol Stopped at My House!

It wasn't quite Ed McMann, but just about as close as I ever expect to get. The fourth package on Friday was from Regina A. of the Queen Bee's Buzz. I had won her 100th post giveaway a while ago and she sent the most incredible notecards, card holder, and a bag to hold them all. Thanks so much for the gift Regina! Now I need to get around and send the one for my 200th post. I've had it sitting around, just need to get it in the mail to the lucky winner.
AprilQuilts 008

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Regina said...

Glad the package got there - it just took me FOREVER to get it sent out. I knew with all you had coming up that blank notecards would come in really handy. Sorry there wasn't anything purple, though. Maybe for my 200th post.