Monday, September 17, 2007

Wedding Planning 101

Well we just might pass wedding planning 101! We have talked to the priest, set the date, rented the hall, and told our family. We still have a lot of family to tell, but that will come with time. I called my friends and asked them to be bridesmaids. I'm so excited that they will both come as it is a long distance for both of them. I am swamped with quilting ideas I want to do for the wedding, so I think it is going to be a lot of winter quilting in my future. I am taking the suggestion I got from Jen and Maureen to make quilts for my bridesmaids. I already have a lot of purple fat quarters to make yellow brick road quilts for them. I'm also going to make a banner for the back for the church sacristy and we are going to make tablerunners for the decorations on the tables at the reception. Anyone have other suggestions of quilted things I might make? Mom and I are making the bridesmaid dresses and mine if I don't find one I like. It's late and I've been working on a quilt top all night, so I need to go to bed.


Kristie said...

Wow! I am soooooo happy for you! That brings back so many memories for me and we have only been married a little over 6 years. You have so many nice ideas, I can't wait to see all of this develop of the next year. I know when Richard and I got engaged it wasn't long. He asked in 2 days before Christmas and we got married in May. We also had a western themed wedding. I couldn't find a dress that I liked so my mom and aunt made mine. I loved it.

jillquilts said...

COngrats!! I just read your great news!! Now, you need to change the description of your pic with him from boyfriend to fiancee!!

Cindy (aka Peony the House Elf) said...

Those plans are coming together nicely. You've gotton alot done in a very short time. All of your ideas sound wonderful just remember to stop and take sometime for the two of you inbetween all the planning and doing.

Jen said...

It's good to get all of the big stuff out of the way. Don't forget to enjoy the adventure! I was watching...hmm, Fons & Porter the other day. Instead of doing a signature quilt as a main quilt; they made patches of blocks; just like a 9 patch maybe 4" each square. Sewed them together and put one on each table for the guests to sign or write their wishes for the couple. They sewed them together and used it as part of the backing for a wedding quilt.

Or, just do blank squares but take a really long basting stitch around the outside of each square (something that can be pulled out later) so that people know their boundaries. If you just give them squares I guarantee they'll write into your seam allowance...ask me how I know!!!

The tip they gave about signature quilts was a good one. Iron the fabric onto freezer paper so people don't have trouble writing on it with it moving. You could actually put it on the freezer paper first and then take your long running stitches around; that would help keep distortion at bay.

Maureen said...

For my brother's wedding I had squares backed with freezer paper and all different colored pens that I used for labels available at a table. There were some very creative drawings (one was a family tree listing my brother's name, his wife's name and the three kids' names). It was really neat. A bachlor wrote a really funny one "Happy Wife = Happy Life" then he signed his name. It made us all giggle when we saw it. I agree with Jen about showing them borders because well I didn't and oppps I had to be creative to get some on there.

My sister-in-law loves the quilt and exposes various sections at a time so she can read all of the wishes that were given to them. I gave them the quilt on their one year anniversary.