Thursday, September 27, 2007

Jim and Adele Hardanger CO Reception Gift

jim adele wedding 299
This is the hardanger piece I have been working on for the last several months. It was originally a baby pattern, but I changed it a bit and made it work. It was actually pretty easy and I really enjoyed making it. The only part I didn't enjoy was trying to buy a frame for it. I couldn't find a square one and I had to put something behind it, so I used what I could find. They like it. It's the second hardanger piece I have made and I didn't cut any of the threads!!! I was so excited to get it done on time too.

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Jen said...

Ohhh, I wish you would have said something. I order frames online from time to time and you can get them to whatever size you want and they're the same prices as buying them in the store.

Your piece looks awesome! Are you going to make one for yourself now?