Wednesday, September 26, 2007


I made a serious attempt last night at putting pictures of my recent projects on my blog. I have them downloaded on my computer at home and spent time putting them in the right albums and organizing. I thought I would be all talented and put them all in to webshots so you could see them all. Well, after 276 wedding pictures took over an hour to load, I got tired and quit. Wouldn't you know the quilt pictures got moved and weren't in that album any more, so they will have to wait for tonight. Last night I used part of a piece I screwed up earlier and made a little mini table topper out of the core values for NAU and put some decorative stitching around it and gave it to my friend Sandy's boss this morning. He was really appreciative of the gift and it made me feel good to give it to someone who would appreciate the work I put into making it. More pictures to come, but I did put a picture from CO of Paul and I on my blog as well as the link to webshots for pictures from the wedding. Enjoy!

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Jen said...

I looked through them but wow you were right not one picture of you in your dress!!