Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Catching up on quilting

I'm really slacking in the quilting department. I need to get busy. I have a embroidered quilt I am making for our accreditation visit next week and it is only a top right now. I guess if I wouldn't have spent so much time on the phone last night I would have actually got it basted. I need to get it done tonight or tomorrow night since I have Sew and Sews on Thurs. and we are leaving for CO on Fri. I am so busy working on articulations and evaluations at work that I can hardly keep my head above water. It sure is a busy week.


Jen said...

Take a deep breath, make some to-do lists. And you know we're here to help you out. I think Yellow Brick Roads are fantastic choices for your Bridesmaid quilts. Those will go together fairly quickly. Look, I did those three in 16 days with quilting. I don't have my quilt frame down yet, but I know I will get it. You can always send me those tops and I'd be happy to stipple them up for you.

Don't overwhelm yourself, you want to enjoy this time. Looking back I stressed out a lot; but it was all stress that I put upon myself. It's ok to ask for help.

Kristie said...

Slow down......You always sound so busy. I think this is great, just as you get done with your brothers wedding, now you will be planning yours.